Affiliate Software In iGaming

Affiliate Software In iGaming
Interfacing and interconnectivity, brought about by modern technologies, have come to modify our lifestyle in every possible sphere and mode of activity. It is practically impossible to imagine the contemporary life outside high technologies, the social media and virtual networking. To a substantial extent nowadays information is disseminated, and tastes are formed via referrals and based on the promotion by celebrities or trusted reliable public, well-known people in general or among certain circles.
Hence affiliate marketing made its way onto the sales market and, particularly, into the iGaming industry as an essential element of promotion and marketing. Affiliate marketing involves referring a product or service by sharing it on a social media platform, blog, website or podcast. With every click, generated by the affiliate via click-through banner, comes the increase of traffic for the operator and the negotiated commissions for the affiliate. Successful affiliate program and well-chosen software help to attract and retain customers on the webpage.
Three basic affiliate revenue models
Revenue Share – presupposes continual partnership with an affiliate getting his commissions while the player attracted keeps playing. This model is mostly suitable for well-established businesses with players who deposit large amounts of money.
Cost per Acquisition (CPA) – offering a flat rate for every depositing player.
A hybrid model – combining the Revenue Share and CPA models. It is more flexible and negotiable.
Another interesting approach to acquiring affiliates can be converting players into Affiliates which can benefit business in a number of ways. Usually this means cost-effective marketing strategy, fostering loyalty of customers, some of the advantages of grapevine marketing.
The incremental increase and advance of iGaming is indisputable, which compels more sophisticated tools to address various issues. In the case of Affiliate marketing one of the game-changing aspects is the affiliate software. It has numerous advantages for the business, such as:
Simplifying the management of the affiliate program and boosting the efficacy
Offering a unified platform for the interaction of all the parties – players, affiliates, operators and providers
Guaranteeing real-time tracking, automated reporting to alleviate the routine documentation and administration part
When choosing the affiliate software, it is important to thoroughly deliberate over the following questions:
The type and specificity of the product offered
The size of the existing business
The unique features offered by the software, like tracking tools, marketing materials, or payment options.
Clearly envisaging the abundance of the market today, below presented is a short list of the most famous and comprehensive affiliate software to consider for the purpose of fueling the iGaming traffic.
Scaleo can be an impeccable solution if you are looking for the right affiliate on the fast and competitive market. It offers all the tracking parameters, reliable security, easy integration and affordable pricing.
A module developed to deliver all the required components for handling the affiliate database. It provides an easy and complete access to the affiliates’ contacts and performance, options to block or confirm partner accounts, offer bonuses, specify payment methods, analyze statistics. Moreover, the specialists here never cease advancing and go hand in hand with the market demands.
Another module for affiliate marketing software, which is not a standalone program, but rather comes with other products. The white-label platform is designed for casino, poker, sports betting and other types of businesses.
This is a module of Betconstruct platform, not a standalone product. While offering state-of-the-art technologies to boost the business of their partners, it is at the same one of the most expensive software on the market. It offers an easy-to-use, simple and effective software which can be applied without any deep technical images.
Again this is a module of PartnerMatrix, rather than a separate piece of software. It offers highly-functional back office, professional brand promotion, real-time reports and many more.
The list can definitely be continued and worth of considering are:
Alfa Affiliate
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