Sportsbook Software - Empower Your iGaming Business By igpixel

Sportsbook Software

Sportsbook Software - Empower Your iGaming Business By igpixel

igpixel has an excellent knack for making your igaming business happen. We provide an all-encompassing set of tools to build and launch a successful platform for attracting new players and providing infinite prospects for betting operations. Our partners have full autonomy to either complement their existing our via our platform or to set up a completely self-sufficient betting business. igpixel services include solutions for all the betting operations.
Equipped with several high-quality solutions, multi-currency and multi-lingual opportunities, top-notch risk management system, a comprehensive statistics hub, the most accurate odds feeds services and round the clock service, our sports betting software guarantees reliability, flexibility and smooth operation for our partners. Our team of high-caliber professionals works towards your aspirations and the delight of sports fans. Innovated solutions and a dedicated back office ensure seamless performance of the key features we offer.

Elevate Your Betting Business
with Innovation and Autonomy

  • Wide Coverage of Sports and Events

    igpixel high-quality Sportsbook software gives a chance to accommodate any number of Sports, Leagues, Tournaments, Championships, Series and so on. igpixel Sportsbook caters to needs of the most sophisticated and seasoned players, in that we cover the rarest events, as well as the most famous and anticipated ones. An extremely wide coverage ensures a large audience at any point.

  • Multi-Combination Bet Slip and Bet Builder

    The players enjoy an opportunity for single and multiple, or combo bets, with the expected cash-out changing appropriately. A special Bet builder, allowing to make a slip of several events on a single match. Smooth interaction between the bets, the chance to find an optimal market, and seamless flow of funds make the igpixel Sportsbook extremely attractive for players. An extra feature distinguishing igpixel sportsbook is the option provided for splitting earned bonuses and placing it on different markets, as well as parlays.

  • Robust Analytical Tools and Statistics

    Personalized and dynamic statistics is a significant step we offer for incrementally rising traffic and players’ loyalty. It suits both seasoned players and those who have just stepped into the gambling world. Players have a personalized dashboard with meticulous data related to the most used features.

  • Powerful Functionality and Admin Panel

    The nucleus of the igpixel software provides operators fully control and administration of the betting process, overseeing and softly guiding the players. In a nutshell, it gives the operators access to all the functionalities, users accounts, content and risk management. Hence, a superb functionality in most cases is a game-changer we offer for your business.

  • Versatile Payment Methods

    A conspicuous and mandatory feature, designed and developed is our Payment Aggregator. Your sports bettors feel free to make wagers from fiat up to most types of cryptocurrency and a wealthy set of electronic wallets. Absence of frustration while receiving the win or the ease of placing a bet without any hurdles or time-consuming search is what makes igpixel Sportsbook stand apart.

  • Appealing Reward System

    Inspiration and encouragement are an indispensable part of human psychology comprising a lion’s share for the success of betting industry. Take advantage of bonus wheels, gifts, credits, and points catering to the players’ needs and bolstering long-term experience on your platform.

igpixel Betting platform features

We develop innovative iGaming software products for online casino, sports betting, and beyond. Our products can be delivered as standalone solutions or combined into a single iGaming Platform.

  • 140K +Pre-match and Live In-play Betting
  • 120+ Sports and E-sports Coverage
  • Live Sports Broadcast
  • Major Sports Events and Markets
  • Risk-management and Ongoing Fraud Prevention
  • Comprehensive Payment System
  • Sports Statistics and Odds Data Feeds Services
  • Various Odds Formats: Decimal, Fractional, American, Hong Kong, Indo, Malay
  • API Customization
  • Mobile, Web and Native Applications for iOS and Android
  • Multiple View Modes: Asian, Latin American, European, Classic, Combo, Modern
  • Polyvalent Bet Slip and Bet Builder

High Flexibility

Our technologically advanced team allows for the use of multiple betting platforms, financial reporting, player account management and scalability, thereby boosting the betting operations on your platform. Our partners can enjoy full-scale access to trade any betting market, sport and event being strongly supported by rigorous odds feeds and payment solutions.

  • CMS

    Content Management Service allows operators to fully control and modify the shape and data of the product

  • PAM

    Player Account Management is another powerful tool for a meticulous segmentation of players’ behavior and patterns based on general and very unique, negotiable needs of the operator

  • RMS

    Risk Management System provides operators with a set of powerful back-office tools such as real-time reports, choosing markets and setting margins, building and editing different types of bets and many more

  • PSS

    Payment Systems Support includes specifically developed payment aggregator from electronic payments to the solid and highly effective agent system software and crypto payments

  • Live-Streaming

    Live streaming is one of the steps making igpixel Sportsbook a superb one. Round-the-clock live streams of sports create an exceptional upper hand for the betting business.

  • AI generated data

    Most of the information provided by igpixel's software platform is data-driven collected and interpreted by our specialists to make your business more reliable and powerful

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