igpixel Agent System: Streamlining Your Multi-Level Network

Agent System

igpixel Agent System: Streamlining Your Multi-Level Network

A specifically developed module of agent system at igpixel provides a multi-level agent network for the operators. Working with the agent management system simplifies and expedites monitoring of business financials and makes user management effortless.

Cutting-edge software for retail shops

Our software supplies agents with full information related to players’ balance and bets histories. Agents reward is commission-based, generated by the income that every player recommended brings.

Efficiency Unleashed: igpixel's Streamlined Multi-Level Agent System

Simultaneously, every operator has an access to the same information as each of their agents has at his disposal. Specifically, they can have a complete overview of the risk status within the system and the amounts wagered and won. Moreover, they can retrieve data on the profits by an individual agent and those aggregated.

We offer a very reliable and solid betshop software to support and run the agent system for the operators.

Agent system specifics

Optimize Operations with igpixel's Agent System
  • Multi-level hierarchy of sub-agents
  • Ability for all agents to keep their own players
  • Transfer credit and money to players and sub-agents
  • Customizable set of permissions for each agent tier
  • Real-time risk data and transparent betting data
  • Access on desktop, mobile or tablet devices
  • Web API integration for 3rd parties
Optimize Operations with igpixel's Agent System
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